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Fear of the Lord, Lesson #6 January 29, 2010

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Theme: You Can’t Hide Sins from God

“He who conceals his sins does not prosper…” (Proverbs 28:13)

Review: Proverbs 15:3

Invisible Picture, part 1: Supplies you’ll need – Baking Soda, Q-tips, Watercolor paint
Mix equal parts baking soda and water, stirring the baking soda until it dissolves in the water. Using Q-tips, let your children draw pictures on white paper with this “invisible ink”. While it dries, read the Bible story.
Invisible Ink

Bible: Read story of Achan from Joshua 7. Talk about how Achan tried to hide his sin, but God saw him anyway. Make sure you read the story ahead of time so that you know how much of it you want to read to your children. Achan’s punishment was pretty severe!

Invisible Picture, part 2: We can’t hide our sins from God, no matter how hard we try. What we think is hidden is sure to be revealed eventually. And that’s what will happen to your children’s pictures! Pull out the watercolors, and have your kids paint over their previously “invisible” picture. We found that the darker shades of paint work better than the light ones. It’s cool to watch the baking soda/water images appear. Let them redry, and then hang in a prominent place or put a clipping in your minibook! (Or throw them away when your kids aren’t looking…that’s what I did. No more room on the refrigerator for artwork. Don’t tell.)

Pray: When you’re living in sin, it’s scary to think that we can’t hide anything from God. But when you’re in right relationship with Him, it’s a joyous thought, knowing that our lives are completely under His care! Encourage your children to confess their sins to God. Ultimately, He’s the one they’ve sinned against, and they  need to learn to keep short accounts. Model this for them by confessing your grumpy attitude or angry spirit aloud when needed.


Fear of the Lord, Lesson#5 January 28, 2010

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Theme: Sin Makes God Sad
“For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.” (Psalm 1:6)

  • Review Proverbs 15:3.
  • Bible: Read the story of Noah from Genesis 6, emphasizing how people’s sin made God sad.
  • Activity: Give your child a coloring page of something they really like (for us, that’s My Little Ponies) Let them color for a few minutes, then suddenly grab the picture and rip it up. For the lesson to work, hopefully they react in shock! Ask them if they liked you tearing up their picture. Talk about how we mess up our lives when we disobey God, just as you messed up their picture. God also is sad over our ruined lives just as they were sad over their picture.  Make sure you have another picture available for them to color, just in case they’re really upset!
    This lesson worked well with Happiness, my 4yo. She was quite indignant about my unexpected actions!
  • Prayer: As you talk to God together, tell Him that you are sorry that your sin has hurt Him. Ask Him to help you and your children do what is right today.

Fear of the Lord, #4: “God is always here”

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  • Review Proverbs 15:3
  • Bible: Read Psalm 139:12-20 again. Discuss where God is. Here? In other countries? Everywhere?
  • Air Experiments: To reinforce the idea that God is always present, even though we can’t see Him, try these fun science lessons.

    * Air Bottle: Fill a bowl full of water. Then take an empty plastic bottle and stick it upside down in the water. If you do it quick enough, no water will go into the bottle. Here’s how it worked for us: I prefaced the experiment by telling my children there was something invisible in the bottle, and gave them an opportunity to guess what that secret element might be. When they couldn’t guess, we stuck the bottle in the water. I pointed out how the water couldn’t go in the bottle because there was something already inside it. Then I tilted the bottle slightly sideways so that the air bubbles came out and the water went in. The girls thought it was pretty cool. I told them about the air inside(in a very non-scientific way), and then compared the invisible air to our invisible God. After that, I let them play around with the bottle in the water. They enjoyed getting the air bubbles to come out!

    * Up, Up & Away: Another fun game that illustrates the power of the unseen can be played with a few small pieces of tissue paper and a fan! Use a floor fan, and turn it on high. Tilt it upwards so that it is blowing air towards the ceiling. Then get ready to play! Throw the tissue paper pieces into the air above the fan, and watch them float high into the air. At my house, we played this game for at least 20 minutes! In the future, this is going to be on my short list of  emergency fun activities!

    Tissue paper blowing away!

  • Minibook:  On the top, write: “God is always here!”. Inside, glue a piece of tissue paper with some lines going out from either side to indicate air.  You might make a note that it is air, otherwise you probably won’t remember what those little lines indicated!

Fear of the Lord #3: “God sees everywhere” January 22, 2010

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  • Review Proverbs 15:3
  • Hide in the Dark. Gather flashlights & several small toys. Hide the toys in a room, then turn off the light and bring your children into the room. Ask them if they can find the toys. Let them try for a few minutes. When they can’t find the toys, stop and talk for a few minutes about how we can’t see in the dark. Then emphasize how God can see everywhere, even in the dark! Give your children the flashlights and see if they can find the toys with the help of light!
  • Minibook: Write “God sees me in the dark!” on the top flap. Draw with a white crayon on black paper. Then glue the paper under the flap.
    **Unfortunately, I lost our lapbook! No pictures for now…sorry.
  • Prayer: Read Psalm 139:1-12. Praise God for His ability to see, even in the dark

Thoughts on Lesson #2 January 20, 2010

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Well, the most popular part of this lesson was definitely the video camera. My kids were very surprised when I revealed the camera to them, but quite excited as well (which was good…I was hoping they wouldn’t be creeped out by the “Big Brother” style of the lesson). Again, the minibook wasn’t that big of deal to them. I think I’m going to keep it up, but that instead of them putting the pieces together, I’ll do it, and just use it as a reminder tool. We’re also doing a fish unit this week, and they’ve enjoyed the minibook pieces for that. Probably because those books convey more actual information and can be colored! My girls like anything that can be colored.


Fear of the Lord, Lesson 2: “God sees all the time” January 19, 2010

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“For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the whole earth…”
(2 Chron. 16:9)

**Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures today! I guess I was too busy using the video camera…oh well.

  • Review Proverbs 15:3
  • Look at the first flap of your minibook, and see if your preschooler remembers what it stands for!
  • Video Fun: Pull out your video camera. Secretly set it up where your children can’t see it…shhh! Set it recording, then leave the room for 3-5 minutes. Return and ask them what they did while you were gone. My children usually shrug their shoulders and say, “I dunno.” Remind them that God sees everything, even when you don’t. Then pull out the video, watch and laugh together. They’ll be thrilled to see themselves! Remind them that just like the camera could see them even while you were gone, God can see them all the time.
  • Minibook: Using a triangle, a rectangle, and a circle, let them make the picture of a camera under the 2nd flap. Write on top of it “God sees all the time.
  • Pray: Praise God for His ability to see everything all the time!

Thoughts on Lesson#1 January 14, 2010

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I’m writing these lessons, then trying them out, and then posting them. This is my “online lab”, of sorts. So after I do a lesson, I’ll often post thoughts of how I think it went, what I would change, etc.

For Fear of the Lord, Lesson #1, I don’t really have any negatives. We had fun! The game went well, the girls seemed to get the point, and they wanted to keep playing Hide ‘n Seek. Happiness was a bit upset by not being able to find me quickly, but that helped underscore the comfort of knowing that God always watches over us. My only change might be not doing the minibook again. Neither girl was that enthused about it, though I think it will be good to help them remember the points studied. They didn’t mind pasting it together. They just didn’t seem to really care.

This week we’re also studying the letter F and doing a unit study based on “A Fish Out of Water”. It’s been fun, though we didn’t go that in depth. I’m teetering between the Charlotte Mason ideal of free play and the fun that I personally have doing lessons with them. My personal balance at the moment is to “study” subjects, but to do so in a heavily play-oriented environment.