Bible Lessons for Preschoolers

Investing God's Word Into Our Children

Fear of the Lord, #4: “God is always here” January 28, 2010

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  • Review Proverbs 15:3
  • Bible: Read Psalm 139:12-20 again. Discuss where God is. Here? In other countries? Everywhere?
  • Air Experiments: To reinforce the idea that God is always present, even though we can’t see Him, try these fun science lessons.

    * Air Bottle: Fill a bowl full of water. Then take an empty plastic bottle and stick it upside down in the water. If you do it quick enough, no water will go into the bottle. Here’s how it worked for us: I prefaced the experiment by telling my children there was something invisible in the bottle, and gave them an opportunity to guess what that secret element might be. When they couldn’t guess, we stuck the bottle in the water. I pointed out how the water couldn’t go in the bottle because there was something already inside it. Then I tilted the bottle slightly sideways so that the air bubbles came out and the water went in. The girls thought it was pretty cool. I told them about the air inside(in a very non-scientific way), and then compared the invisible air to our invisible God. After that, I let them play around with the bottle in the water. They enjoyed getting the air bubbles to come out!

    * Up, Up & Away: Another fun game that illustrates the power of the unseen can be played with a few small pieces of tissue paper and a fan! Use a floor fan, and turn it on high. Tilt it upwards so that it is blowing air towards the ceiling. Then get ready to play! Throw the tissue paper pieces into the air above the fan, and watch them float high into the air. At my house, we played this game for at least 20 minutes! In the future, this is going to be on my short list of  emergency fun activities!

    Tissue paper blowing away!

  • Minibook:  On the top, write: “God is always here!”. Inside, glue a piece of tissue paper with some lines going out from either side to indicate air.  You might make a note that it is air, otherwise you probably won’t remember what those little lines indicated!

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