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Fear of the Lord, Lesson#5 January 28, 2010

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Theme: Sin Makes God Sad
“For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.” (Psalm 1:6)

  • Review Proverbs 15:3.
  • Bible: Read the story of Noah from Genesis 6, emphasizing how people’s sin made God sad.
  • Activity: Give your child a coloring page of something they really like (for us, that’s My Little Ponies) Let them color for a few minutes, then suddenly grab the picture and rip it up. For the lesson to work, hopefully they react in shock! Ask them if they liked you tearing up their picture. Talk about how we mess up our lives when we disobey God, just as you messed up their picture. God also is sad over our ruined lives just as they were sad over their picture.  Make sure you have another picture available for them to color, just in case they’re really upset!
    This lesson worked well with Happiness, my 4yo. She was quite indignant about my unexpected actions!
  • Prayer: As you talk to God together, tell Him that you are sorry that your sin has hurt Him. Ask Him to help you and your children do what is right today.

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  1. comassion Says:

    This is awesome!

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