Bible Lessons for Preschoolers

Investing God's Word Into Our Children

Fear of the Lord, Lesson 7: Review February 2, 2010

Filed under: Bible Lesson,Preschool,Proverbs — preschooljoy @ 12:11 am

  • Review Proverbs 15:3. Consider doing a “recital” of the verse to Grandparents or other adults your children look up to! There’s nothing like a little praise to reinforce achievement.
  • Play a Favorite: Pick one of the activities your children enjoyed from previous days. Do they remember the lesson associated with it? Have fun playing it again together.
  • Minibook: If you’d like to keep your minibooks around for future reference, take some time today to make up a storage container. You can use a cereal box, as illustrated here, or simply store them in a page protector.
  • Pray: Your children will learn (or not learn) about the importance of prayer by your example. Taking the time to pray with them is so vital, even if your prayer time lasts all of 1 minute! Have your children try to recall the things they’ve learned about God and then tell Him thank you.

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