Bible Lessons for Preschoolers

Investing God's Word Into Our Children

Treasures of Truth, Lesson #1 February 22, 2010

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Theme: Truthfulness is telling what REALLY happened
The Lord detests lying lips, but He delights in those who are truthful.” (Prov. 12:22)

  • Verse: Proverbs 12:22
    Here’s how we’ve memorized it: “The Lord” [point upwards] “detests lying lips,” [point to lips] “but He deeeeelights” [start with hands clasped in front, then throw them out to the side when you say “delights”] “in those who are truthful” [put hands on either side of face and wiggle fingers].
  • Accurate Communication: This is a treasure hunt game which will involve you giving your child accurate and inaccurate directions. Prepare 6-7 construction paper “X”s. On the back of each one, write a clue to the location of the next X. On the final X, write the clue to the treasure. If your child can’t read yet, then you can draw pictures of the clue locations instead. The key to this game is make at least half the clues inaccurate. They should send your child to the general location of the next clue, but not the exact spot. See if your child says anything about the problematic clues.
  • Bible: Read Genesis 26:1-9, the story of Isaac lying to Abimelech. Tell your children to listen for a lie and to listen for the truth. Why was Isaac saying that Rebekah was not his wife a lie? What was the truth? Talk about the clue game. Did the clues always tell the truth? What was the truth about where a specific clue was located? Discuss how the truth should accurately communicate facts. If you’ve had any recent situations in which there were truthfulness issues or in which truth played in important role, talk about those.
  • Pray: Ask God to help each of you be truthful in all your words.


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