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Treasures of Truth, Lesson 8 (needs help!) March 8, 2010

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When I did this lesson with my children, somehow the “point” of it all just seemed really lame. I had a hard time explaining it to them…any thoughts or ideas to make it more cogent would be greatly appreciated!Theme: Tell the truth in the small things & you’ll tell the truth in the big things as well
“He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much.” (Luke 16:10)

  • Review Proverbs 12:22
  • Bible: Read the following proverbs about truthfulness: 6:17, 12:19, 14:25, 15:4, 17:20, 24:26, 26:28. Read one proverb, then ask your child what the verse says about truthful people or about liars. Emphasize the consequences depicted by the verses.
  • Track that Animal! This activity is time-intensive in preparation, but very fun! Cut out four to six sets of these animal tracks. I chose 5 of the animals, and cut out just their tracks. I also colored them in so my children could differentiate between them based on color. Next find some pictures of those particular animals. You’ll need two of each creature. Shut your children in the bedroom as you make track paths leading from the outside of their room to various locations around the house where the animal’s picture is posted. Then open the door, give your children a picture of one of the animals and show them which footprints to follow. I made the prints slightly difficult to find, ie, partly obscured by a sock or taped to the side of a bookcase. Let them track and find all the animals. Send them back to their room while you prepare the game again, but this time switch up the pictures at the end of the trail. For example, put the raccoon at the end of the deer trail or the squirrel at the end of the moose trail. Let your children follow the markings again. When they find the wrong animal at the end of the line, ask, “Can a moose change into a skunk?” Point out that if they tell lies when they’re young, they’ll likely end up telling lies as they get older too. Talk again about the consequences you read about in the selection of proverbs. Which ones do they want? They must learn to be honest now so they can get the rewards at the end!
  • Pray: Just as you’ve prayed on other days, again ask God for His help in making you and your children truthful.

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