Bible Lessons for Preschoolers

Investing God's Word Into Our Children

Easter Lesson #1 March 29, 2010

Filed under: Bible Lesson,Easter,Holiday,Preschool — preschooljoy @ 12:19 pm

My husband wants to be involved in this year’s Easter Bible lessons, so we’re going to do our normal morning “Bible Time” in the evening. My daughter Happiness thought this was quite exciting – she’s all about change! Doesn’t seem to matter the subject, change is exciting!

Anyway, our evening Bible Times will follow this order of events:

  • Search for Easter Eggs hidden around the living room or outside. Happiness finds all the yellow and blue eggs, Sweetness is assigned the green and pink eggs. Two of the eggs will have the evening’s Bible references in them. The others will have some candy to munch on during Bible time. (Talk about making devotions exciting for my candy-starved children!)
  • Daddy will read the Bible.
  • We’ll do an activity related to the evening’s story.

And here’s tonight’s plan:

  1. Hide & Hunt Easter eggs
  2. Read Matthew 26:3-5, 14-16 and John 13:3-15
  3. Get your children’s feet dirty in flour and cocoa. Talk about how the disciples all had dirty, dusty feet. Would they want to wash dirty feet? Wash their feet off in a water bowl and discuss being a servant as modeled by Jesus.

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