Bible Lessons for Preschoolers

Investing God's Word Into Our Children

Listening Lesson #7 April 12, 2010

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“He who heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray.” (Prov. 10:17)
Theme: Listen & Lead!

  • Review: Let one of your children lead the memory verse song. Praise them for their leadership!
  • Bible: What’s a leader? Your preschooler may have limited understanding of what it means to be a leader. Ask them about times they’ve been leaders, probably as “line leaders” or some similar designation. Discuss how others followed them. Then share how people will follow them not just in line but also in action. If they are pleasant and happy, other children will be influenced by them. If they are rude and angry, other children might act like them. Tell stories from your own life about good/bad examples.Read Proverbs 10:17 together. If your children are up for more reading, you can also check out the story of the Golden Calf incident in Exodus 32. Discuss how Aaron led the Israelites into wrong behavior, but Moses led them into obedience.
  • Labyrinth: If the weather is nice, draw a large maze with chalk on your driveway. Add some “danger” pictures, like alligators, fire, etc. If it’s not so nice, create an obstacle course maze in your livingroom with some “traps”. Explain the maze setup, then blindfold either yourself or one of your children. Have another child lead the blindfolded person through the maze, helping them avoid the trouble spots. Talk about how important the leader is! If they don’t lead right, then the poor follower is in trouble! Now blindfold the leader! Give them instructions as they guide the unblindfolded follower along. Talk about how listening to parents, the Bible, etc, is essential for knowing how to be a good leader.
  • Practical: Have a friend over to play. Before they come, discuss being a good leader with your child. Maybe talk through some house rules or polite behavior or whatever it is your child needs help “leading” in. Talk about how proud you are of the way they listen to you and how it helps them be a good friend/leader.

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