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Learning to listen and teaching to wait April 17, 2010

Filed under: Intentional Parenting,Parenting Thoughts,Preschool — preschooljoy @ 9:00 am

I’ve talked on here before about how I’m trying to listen to my children more and give priority to their needs and requests. Well, I got a great comment from a family member who has raised 4 and is much wiser than I! I thought I’d post it, since I think teaching your children not to interrupt is SOO important, and I haven’t really been doing it much at all:

Part of growing maturity is learning to recognize when someone is busy and learning to wait. It’s ok to teach your children to come up to you and put a hand on your arm when you are busy and don’t hear them. -Then, if it isn’t urgent and your task is (or you need to finish a task first), ask them to give you a few minutes – then give them full attention and active interest in their world.

How do you teach your children not to interrupt?


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