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The Importance of Consistent Discipline May 16, 2010

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On this lazy Sunday, I’ve been taking some time to read some of my favorite encouraging mommy blogs. Maybe I’ll post a list of them sometime…But until then, here’s a post from Joy at the Stay At Home Missionary blog about the need for Consistent Discipline as we raise our children. I found the comments after the post to be encouraging too.

Here’s just an excerpt:
It isn’t easy to be consistent, but I truly believe that it is the one thing that is missing in so many scenarios where the child is unmanageable. Notice I didn’t say every, but I did say many. Many of our headaches and trials as moms could be avoided if we would say what we mean and mean what we say, and then follow through on what we said. This takes discipline on the mother’s part, and it’s hard, I know. When you are exhausted it is easy to let one little disobedience or negative attitude slide. I understand. But, pray for the strength to get up one more time, to reinforce one more time, to be consistent one more time.

That is so true, and I’ve seen the fruits in my children of both consistency and well, inconsistency. There’s a big difference! There’s lots of other wisdom, so go read the consistent discipline post for yourself.


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