Bible Lessons for Preschoolers

Investing God's Word Into Our Children

A Heart for the Poor, #2 May 17, 2010

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Theme: God Cares for the Poor
“He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done.” (Prov. 19:17)

  • Memory: Review Proverbs 22:2
  • Scripture Time: Ask your children to count how many hairs are on their head. When everyone has given up counting, go do some bird watching! Look for birds, talk about the types you spot (easier if you have a field guide on hand) and ask whether your kids would recognize that specific bird if they saw it again.Pull out your Bible and read Matthew 10:29-31 and Luke 12:6-7. Talk about the care God has for each person, including those who are very poor. God loves them and He wants us to love them as well. Read Psalm 82:3-4. What actions does God want us to take on behalf of those living in poverty?
  • Prayer: Choose another child from the Compassion International website. Read his or her story together and pray for them.
  • Further Learning: Go out to your car and tell your children to sleep in the car’s seats. Would that be fun? Read A Shelter In Our Car as you sit together in your vehicle, and talk about the children whose only home is in their car.

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