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A blog I love and a giveaway! August 3, 2010

Filed under: Giveaway,Parenting Thoughts,What About Mom? — preschooljoy @ 9:56 pm

One of my favorite encouraging mommy bloggers is Sally Clarkson at I Take Joy. As a mom nearing the end of her parenting journey (at least the children in the home phase of it), she often shares insights from past experiences, as well truth from God’s Word that I need to hear. If you’re in need of some godly input, then her blog might be just what you need.

She’s also got a giveaway going right now – she’ll be speaking at the Heart of the Matter Fall Conference, and has several tickets to award to lucky entrants. I really enjoyed the spring conference and am planning to virtually attend the fall one as well. If you want to enter, just post a link to her blog on facebook or on your personal blog, then let her know by sending an e-mail to

Any encouraging mommy blogs that you frequent regularly?


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