Bible Lessons for Preschoolers

Investing God's Word Into Our Children

Firm Foundations 2:1 August 16, 2010

Theme: Because God created us, He owns us!

Scripture Memory: Over the next several weeks, we’re going to memorize a chunk of Psalm 100. We’ll start today on verses 1 & 2:

  • Shout (Cup hands around mouth and shout!)
  • for joy to the LORD (Point upwards)
  • all the earth (Draw a large circle)

Catechism Q&A: Why did God create you and all things? For His glory.

Scripture: Read Psalm 100 together. Do they recognize the first two verses from today’s memorization? Start memorizing verse 3, and draw attention to the phrase “…we are His…” That means God owns us!

Ownership: If your kids are anything¬† like mine, they mastered the concept of ownership early on. All it took was a sibling wanting to play with one of their toys. Suddenly that item they hardly noticed 5 minutes before became one of their most treasured possessions! While this protective ownership can be highly annoying, it can also help them understand God’s ownership of us a little bit more.

Show your kids a selection of items from around the house. Have them sort the items into different piles by owner. Then pick up, say, one of Daddy’s shoes and ask, “Can this shoe go to the park whenever it wants to?” Discuss how the object can’t do its own thing…it has to obey the owner! Come up with some silly scenarios of toy dolls refusing to play or clothing items wanting to be worn upside down. It’s crazy for the possession to make the rules! Instead, the owner makes the rules!

In the same way, God makes the rules for our lives because He is the owner. He created us!

Notebook: Play this Preschool Animal Homes matching game. Have your children match each home to its animal owner. Store the game on your Notebook page in an envelope pocket.


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