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Living a dual blog existence August 24, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — preschooljoy @ 1:36 am

Have I mentioned how unhappy I am with my free WordPress account? And how I’m too cheap to actually pay to host elsewhere? I’d have up and moved a while ago, only I already wrote 50 lessons/posts that are residing here and there’s no easy way to port them to another platform.

And then it hit me! In a throwback to my sci-fi fan days, I decided to run a parallel blog, an online existence in another domain, one in which I could more easily mess around with the code under the hood. So, welcome to my new world: As lessons are posted here, I will also post them there. Plus, with a new name, I’ll be free to post about our newly embarked upon homeschool journey as well without feeling as though I’m in violation of my blog name. Thanks to Michael Black, I’m also interested in, but haven’t had time to check in to that fully.  Anyone else used Tumblr and liked it? I’m always open to having a 3rd online existence…


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