Bible Lessons for Preschoolers

Investing God's Word Into Our Children

Firm Foundations 7:2 October 7, 2010

Theme: Children are a blessing from God!
“…children are a reward from him.” (Psalm 127:5b)

Some notes on this lesson – I’m structuring all the lessons this week around God’s design for families, and part of that usually includes (though not always) having children. It’s the whole “be fruitful and multiply” command in Genesis. I think it is important for our kids to know that they ARE a treasure and that we consider them a blessing, not a burden. The attitude we display towards our kids will be the attitude they carry into their own families, so let’s make it Biblical!

Scripture Memory: Review Psalm 119:9-10. Then on to verse 11:

  • “I have hidden (Make one hand into a fist, then enclose it with your other hand)
  • Your word in my heart (Point to your heart)
  • That I might not sin (Put hands on either side of face and look scary!)
  • Against You.” (Point upwards)

Catechism Q&A: Q. Who were our first parents? A. Adam and Eve.

A Present from Heaven: When your children arrive for today’s devos, have some sheets or blankets standing by. After all the memory work is finished, instruct them to wrap themselves up in their sheets as though they were a gift for someone. When they’re finished, go “unwrap” them as though you have no idea what’s inside the package. When you finally reach them, show suprise, delight and joy! Tell them that they are an extra special gift from God to you. Then sit on the couch (or wherever it is you do these lessons) and read together Psalm 127:3-5. To further celebrate the gift they are, pull out some old photos and ooh and ahh over your cute kids!

Notebook: Put your children’s pics in today’s space.


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