Bible Lessons for Preschoolers

Investing God's Word Into Our Children

Firm Foundations 7:3 October 8, 2010

Theme: Honor our parents
“‘Honor your father and mother’ for this is the first commandment with a promise.” (Eph. 6:1)

Catechism Q&A: Who are our first parents? A. Adam & Eve

Scripture Review: Continue reviewing Psalm 119:9-11.

Royal Treatment: One definition of the word “honor” is “high respect, as for worth, merit, or rank“. To help my kids get a mental grasp on that definition, I’m presenting it as “treating like a king or queen”. We’re going to read Eph. 6:1-3, then will talk about 3 ways royalty is honored:

  1. People don’t order monarchs around
  2. People listen when kings or queens speak
  3. People show gratefulness (whether they feel it or not) to royalty

We’ll do some role playing on how my children should respond to their dad and me. Then we’ll create Daddy a crown and write on it some of the things we appreciate about him!

Notebook: Picture of parent and add crown and/or scepter to it!


Firm Foundations 7:2 October 7, 2010

Theme: Children are a blessing from God!
“…children are a reward from him.” (Psalm 127:5b)

Some notes on this lesson – I’m structuring all the lessons this week around God’s design for families, and part of that usually includes (though not always) having children. It’s the whole “be fruitful and multiply” command in Genesis. I think it is important for our kids to know that they ARE a treasure and that we consider them a blessing, not a burden. The attitude we display towards our kids will be the attitude they carry into their own families, so let’s make it Biblical!

Scripture Memory: Review Psalm 119:9-10. Then on to verse 11:

  • “I have hidden (Make one hand into a fist, then enclose it with your other hand)
  • Your word in my heart (Point to your heart)
  • That I might not sin (Put hands on either side of face and look scary!)
  • Against You.” (Point upwards)

Catechism Q&A: Q. Who were our first parents? A. Adam and Eve.

A Present from Heaven: When your children arrive for today’s devos, have some sheets or blankets standing by. After all the memory work is finished, instruct them to wrap themselves up in their sheets as though they were a gift for someone. When they’re finished, go “unwrap” them as though you have no idea what’s inside the package. When you finally reach them, show suprise, delight and joy! Tell them that they are an extra special gift from God to you. Then sit on the couch (or wherever it is you do these lessons) and read together Psalm 127:3-5. To further celebrate the gift they are, pull out some old photos and ooh and ahh over your cute kids!

Notebook: Put your children’s pics in today’s space.


Firm Foundations 7:1 October 4, 2010

Theme: God created the first family – Adam  & Eve
“And He answered and said, “Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning made them male and female…” (Matt. 19:4)

Scripture Memory: Review Psalm 119:9-10. Check out this great post from the North American Mission Board on fun Scripture review games. There’s a lot to choose from!

Catechism Q&A: Q.  Who were our first parents? A. Adam and Eve. (Use some of the review ideas from the above link for the Catechism as well)

Thee I do Wed: Marriage’s foundations are found in the account of God’s creation of Adam and Eve. Read Genesis 2:15-24. Then create a Paper People Chain with your children. Talk about how God created marriage to just one man and just one woman for life. Decorate the paper people in the middle as a man and woman, and cut away the other connected people in the chain. Once we’re married, we stay married to that man or that woman and don’t get married to anyone else.

Pull out your wedding photos and/or video. Look at them together and talk about how special your wedding day was. Again, emphasize how you are married to your spouse for life.

Notebook: Paste your paper people on day 1 of this week’s notebooking page.


Firm Foundations 6:2 September 29, 2010

Theme: The Bible is like a map for life!
“How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to Your word…” (Psalm 119:9)

Scripture Memory: Review Psalm 119:9a, then learn the second half of the verse.

  • By living (ASL sign)
  • According to Your word (Put hands together like a book)

Catechism Q&A: Q. Where do you learn how to love and obey God? A. In the Bible alone.

Follow the Map: Hide a treasure box outside, filled with some special treat or cheap toy your children will enjoy. Prepare a page of instructions, ie “walk 5 steps from the front door” and “turn left, then skip till you reach the trash can”. The instructions will lead them to the treasure box AND  the Bible with today’s reading marked. Hand them the instructions in an envelope, stating that it’s a message from you. Help them read the message and follow the instructions to the hidden treats.

After recovering the treasure, sit down together and discuss how the instructions helped them successfully find the box. What would have happened if your kids wouldn’t obey your message? God’s Word also contains instructions for us. When we obey them, we’ll successfully live life! Then read Daniel 1. Talk about how obedience to God’s Word (and you might have to explain the special diet Jews were instructed to have) helped Daniel be successful in his job. God knows what’s best, so you can’t lose by obeying Him!

Notebook: Eat some sunflower seeds for a snack, then glue a few into your Notebook page as a reminder of the blessings of hearing and obeying!


Firm Foundations 6:1 September 27, 2010

Theme: The Bible is God’s message to us
“All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness…” (2 Tim 3:16)

Scripture Memory: This week and next, we’re going to learn Psalm 119:9-11. Psalm 119 is basically a love song about the Bible, and is a great read for when you’re feeling unmotivated to open the Scriptures for daily devotions.  Today we’ll work on verse 1a:

  • How (Put both arms up with palms out as though asking a question)
  • Can a young man keep (ASL sign)
  • His way pure (ASL sign)?

Catechism Q&A:
Q. Where do you learn how to love and obey God? A. In the Bible alone.

It’s a Message:
Read 2 Peter 1:20-21. Gather 33 books and put them in a pile.  Show your children all those books and talk to them about how the Bible is not just one book – it is lots of books! You have 33 books in the pile, but the Bible is actually 66 books. Most of those books were written by different men over 1400 years. Yet even though the books have varying authors, they all have the same message and point to Jesus Christ.

To learn more, you choose one of these 2 DVDs to watch:

  1. The Amazing Book, a video from the 80s that’s definitely dated but has lots of good stuff and cute songs
  2. What’s in the Bible, created by Phil Vischer of Veggie Tales fame and has a great overview of who wrote the Bible, how many books make it up (even differentiating between the Catholic and Protestant Bibles), how inspiration works and how we came to have these particular books in Scriptural canon. It’s a LOT of information, and will probably go over your 3-5 year olds heads.

Notebook: Choose one of the elements from Lapbook Lesson’s Bible Lapbooks to go into lesson 1’s square. We’re going to use the Old Testament Minibook.


Firm Foundations 5:4 September 23, 2010

Theme: The God who knows the stars’ names knows your name too!
“…the very hairs on your head are all numbered.” (Matt. 10:30)

Scripture Memory: Review Psalm 139:1-4.  You can check out the actions I’ve used for this passage: verse 3

Catechism Review: Q.  Can you see God? A. No; I cannot see God, but he always sees me.
Q. Does God know all things? A. Yes; nothing can be hid from God.

Every Hair: First read Psalm 113:5-6 and Isa. 57:15. Talk about how God is so far above us! Review some of the things you’ve learned this week about God’s greatness and power. Compare His care and watchfulness over us to our being concerned about an ant. We’re so much bigger and more powerful than the ants just as God is so much  more bigger and powerful than us!

Next, read Matt. 10:29-31. Even though God is so great and powerful and amazing, yet He cares and watches over us, even knowing the number of hairs on our head. Try to count those hairs together! There’s a lot of ’em, for sure. For this week’s **Notebook page**, create a face on their square. Talk about eye color, nose shape, freckles, eyebrow thickness – anything and everything that makes your child’s face distinct. Finally, add the hair. Give your kids pieces of yarn to tape on the head of their self-portrait. After the yarn is on, count each “hair” together. Remind them that God has counted each of their hairs too!


Firm Foundations 5:1 September 8, 2010

Theme: God Knows – All of the World’s Knowledge
“Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit.” (Psalm 147:5)

Scripture Memory: Time to learn verse 3 of Psalm 139!

  • You discern my going out and my lying down;
  • You are familiar (ASL Sign) with all my ways (ASL Sign).”

Catechism: Q. 12. Does God know all things? A. Yes; nothing can be hid from God.

Astronomy Unit Study, part 1: There’s nothing like the vastness of space to make us feel very small. The heavens truly do “declare the glory of God…” Throughout the week we’re going to explore some of the amazing aspects of our universe and discover more about the amazing God who created it all.

Read Psalm 147:4-5.God knows all the stars by name! To comprehend how much that is, cover a piece of construction paper with glue (you can use a paintbrush and a glue/water mix to keep the mess manageable). Then allow your children to sprinkle glitter all over the page. Once they’re done, ask them to count the glitter pieces. Can they? There are 200 billion stars just in the Milky Way galaxy. How many more in all of space? God knows EVERYTHING there is to know!

Notebook: Glue the glitter picture on to this week’s notebook page. Before you put it in, you might want to cover it in Saran Wrap so that the glitter doesn’t slowly fall on your floors every time the book is opened!

Read Along: The Magic School Bus Sees Stars or The Sky is Full of Stars